Renovations For Your Home

Thinking of remodelling or renovating your home in the near future? Odds are pretty good that your ideas centre around one of two areas in your domicile: your kitchen or your bathroom(s). These two rooms are the most important in the house, and we are going to take a quick look at why this is.

    Everyone uses them

    You might spend more time per day in your bedroom or even your deck than you do in your kitchen or your bathroom, but if you average the amount of time that each person that comes into your home (both friends and family) spend in the different rooms, you would probably find that it is the kitchen and the bathroom that see the most use by the widest range of people. Houses for sale will sell faster if they have had a brand new kitchen installed, it's a fact.

    In fact, these are the two rooms in your house that people are almost guaranteed to see when they come over. Therefore, everyone wants their guests to leave the rooms with a good impression.

    They are functional

    The reason that so many people use the kitchen and the bathrooms in your house is that they are meant to be functional. Family rooms generally have one purpose; they are where people can sit and visit. Bathrooms, on the other hand, are used to carry out a dozen different functions, from human usage in our bathing rituals to storage of a wide variety of goods. A quick inventory of your bathroom will probably show a more diverse range of goods in this one space than anywhere else in the house, and all of them are probably used regularly.

    Likewise, the kitchen is guaranteed to see regular use on a daily basis. Kitchens are needed at least three times a day and almost every kitchen is used more. This is where almost all the food is kept and every member of the family will make a trek or two through this area in a day. Not only that, but this is the area where you will be preparing meals when company comes over, and that means you need not only functional space but a lot of room to store food and equipment as well.

    They are the main selling points of your home

    Most people concur that when it comes to buying a new home, the main decision will be made on the state of the bathrooms and the kitchen. Again, it comes down to the reasons we listed above; these are the two rooms in the house that everyone has in common, as far as usage and ideas for functionality.

So, if you are looking to gain a new feel in your own house, or if you want to sell it and get the most you possibly can, then you are probably going to want to focus your energies on a renovation of your kitchen and bathrooms. It's amazing what something as simple as a new bathroom vanity or kitchen or bathroom remodel can do for your home.

Still, this brings to mind some basic questions, such as:

    What should I focus on in the remodel?
    Who should I use to do the work, or should I attempt a do-it-yourself type project?
    How much money should I spend?
    Can I really just upgrade my kitchen and bathrooms, or will the rest of my house look out of place after the renovations are complete?

These are all good questions, although the correct answers will differ from person to person. For example, there are certainly some people out there who are entirely capable of handling a whole kitchen remodel by themselves, from laying in the floor to the plumbing to designing the cabinetry. On the other hand, some people may find that their attempts at Design-It-Yourself result in more expense and greater inconvenience than they projected. Likewise, different styles of projects will require different budgets, and the project you want completed should be based on what you can afford.

The kitchen and the bathrooms in your home are the two most important rooms there are, both for your own family, for visitors, and for people who may want to buy your house. They are also rooms that are susceptible to the changing trends of fashion decor over time and that, due to high usage, also tend to show the wear and tear. It is likely that over the course of living in your house you will do at least one major upgrade to each of these rooms.

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