En-Suite Bathroom

An en-suite bathroom is one that is directly connected to the bedroom, and is usually featured in the master bedroom in homes with several bedrooms. Yet many smaller residences have this feature, even if there is just one bedroom, and this design can be seen in many Toronto condos and newer homes.

Solid walls in a tiny en-suite make it feel smaller and more claustrophobic, but installing a sliding frosted-glass-panel door is a brilliant solution - they let in light even when closed, making the room feel bigger, and can be opened right back to show the room off when it is not in use. You'll still need at least one solid wall for privacy between your bedroom and bathroom, however. If your en-suite is minuscule, take advantage of reflective surfaces such as frosted glass, as mentioned, stained glass, and bright white or pale tiles. Large tiles make a small space seem bigger, but conversely, so do very small ones, such as mosaics or pebble stone tiles. There are many homes in Brampton with this feature, and taking a tour of the homes for sale in your area may be a great way to see some of latest designs in en-suite bathrooms.

Keeping the same flooring throughout the bedroom and en-suite bathroom will extend both rooms, and create a seamless streamlined look. Failing that, fit a low shower tray and choose matching flooring for the bathroom. Another great tip to keep things neat and organized is having a laundry hamper or basket in the bathroom. This will ensure that your bedroom and bathroom are free from ladies pants and men's undershirts thrown over chairs and on the floor!
The taller the ceiling, the more enclosed the space will feel, so consider lowering your en suite's ceiling. Ask the advice of your builder and perhaps experiment with white sheets pinned to the walls to test different heights. A lower ceiling will also make your shelves more accessible, and you won't have to install a lifting sling to get to those higher spots, since they will be easily within reach. Another must in a small space is good lighting, so have halogen spotlights installed - they mimic daylight and will instantly make the room seem larger.

In the tightest of spaces, open shelves are much more practical purely for accessibility. Have yours built under a vanity unit to create more storage around the basin, or overtop of the toilet where there is a good amount of wall space ready to be used. Matching the inside and outside of your en-suite can bring the two rooms together and create a polished look. For instance, choose a glazed shower panel that matches the sliding door panels to let more natural light into the shower cubicle. Similar glazed panels can be created by a glazier to your measurements and design.

No matter what choices you go with for the final project, creating an en-suite bathroom will increase the comfort and resale value of your home. This project can be done by any home owner. Whether you are a master chef or own your own online post card printing company, with the right builders and design, you can create your dream bathroom just a few steps away from your bed!

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