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Bathrooms are probably the most important room in our houses today. Used by every member of the household, and used frequently, the equipment in the bathroom, including contemporary bathroom vanities, has to be some of the hardiest around. Even the toughest and most durable bathroom equipment, however, will eventually start to break down under the pressure of heavy use, and if you're thinking of adding your house to the local real estate listings, for example, bathroom problems can be detrimental. In this article, we will take a look at some common problems that homeowners have with toilets in their bathrooms, and ways to remedy the situation.

When most amateur do-it-yourselfers think about plumbing, they don't have to live in a condominium complete with superintendent to shy away. However, while we all realize that toilets can be some nasty business, they are fairly straightforward pieces of equipment and most common problems can be easily fixed. Here are a few of them.

    The toilet leaks: Leaks under a toilet are bad, since they go straight under the tile and into the sub floor. The result can be rot and a big problem when it's not caught on time, but if it is then most of the time it's an easy fix. Leaks are generally the result of a faulty seal. You will have to replace the seal with a new one. First, remove the toilet (see below). Next, remove all the wax from the old seal. Put the new seal in place, connect the new water supply tube, and then replace your toilet.

    The toilet sweats: When water begins to condense on your tank and pool on the floor, you have a sweaty toilet. The problem usually occurs in summer weather with the extra evaporation, and like a leak can affect your sub floor. To combat the issue, you can put an appliance such as an air conditioner in the bathroom to cool things down. Otherwise, you will have to put in an anti-sweat valve.

    The toilet rocks: In another chair it might seem like a luxury, but the last thing you want is your toilet rocking back and forth every time someone sits down. Try tightening the bolts at the base of the toilet, but do so alternatively (as with a car tire) and not too tightly, or you may end up cracking the base or even your floor tiles.

For most of these problems you will have to know how to remove the toilet in order to repair it. Fortunately, removing a toilet is a lot easier that you might think if you have never done it before.

    1. Shut off the water supply. First turn off the shutoff valve behind the toilet, then disconnect the water supply tube by turning the hexagonal bolt with a wrench.

    2. Take the rounded caps off of the base of the toilet; these cover the bolts by which the toilet is attached to the floor.

    3. Remove the hex nuts with a wrench.

    4. Lift the toilet off of the floor, by the tank not the bowl! If you are getting rid of the toilet, chuck it, otherwise put the unit down on a cloth or other form of protection for your floor.

For the most part, toilet problems are fairly easy to fix, because toilets are, after all, just a fixture in your bathroom. It is the piping underneath the toilet that can be a real nightmare, and call for professional help, when something goes wrong. As previously stated, while you may be able to live with these problems, when putting your house up for sale in Mississauga or elsewhere, these problems can prove disastrous. You can be sure that any waterfront condos Toronto agent will make sure all is working in their Oshawa homes for sale before showing them. If you are living in a condo or apartment building, there may be someone on site who can help with any bathroom repairs.

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