With the explosion in popularity of home renovation shows and the persistent recession that is making everyone more cautious with their money, doing your own renovations has become increasingly normal for Canadians. Everyone from the operator of a Toronto sports clinic to someone who sits in an office all day long can do their own renovations if they have the right information. We can tell you where to find it.


Set your cable box for HGTV and park yourself in front of the television if you want to get your learn on, because that channel's entire lineup consists of renovation and real estate shows. You'll only learn the basics of the job on TV though, because between the ads for Avaya IP telephones and the short time slots, there's not a lot of time to go into detail. The best use of your time, if you're a beginner, is watching shows like Disaster DIY, Holmes on Homes, and Canada's Worst Handyman.

On the Internet

The wonderful thing about the internet is that no matter what you want to learn, there seems to be somebody out there willing to teach you for no reward other than their own satisfaction. You can read articles on the topic at websites like, or if you prefer to be shown rather than told, you can click on over to, because the chances are good that you'll be able to find an instructional video made by a talented handyman with an Ottawa photographer for a friend.

In Books

Books are a rather old fashioned method of finding information in our technological age, but you can't beat books for portability. You can have your book open and ready to consult when you run into trouble under the sink, complete with pictures to show you which nut to tighten. Having a book around can save you from needing anger management classes, so check out your local library or bookstore for a relevant tome.

In Person

Of course, you can't really ask questions of television shows, books, or even internet videos, so sometimes you'll need to consult a real person, even if you'd rather have a root canal in Mississauga than admit you don't know what to do. The staff members at building supply centers like Rona and the Home Depot are trained to give you advice on your projects. Sometimes they even run DIY courses you can sign up for.

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