Eat-In Kitchen

Having an eat-in kitchen is a trend that is growing in popularity, and the evidence is present in newer homes that come built with this feature. Whether it is a breakfast bar that extends out from your kitchen counter or a little nook for a table and chairs, having a place in the kitchen to sit and enjoy your food is a staple in today's busy world. Whether you are living in a century home or one of the brand new Toronto lofts, setting up an eat-in kitchen is a simple task that any home owner can complete.

Many people think of an eat-in kitchen as an amenity, and they look for this feature when looking for a rental or purchase home, whether in posh mansion or a rural farmhouse. Others consider an eat-in kitchen a burden, associating the design with small, cramped houses, and would prefer a separate dining room where they have enough space to spread out and entertain guests. For smaller houses and apartments, an eat-in kitchen is an amenity, and can save a great deal of space. Many cottage house plans include an eat-in kitchen, perhaps right next to giant bay windows that look out onto the lake. Your cottage plans might also include a sliding door just off of the kitchen that allows you to take your meals outside and enjoy you cooking around a patio table in the beautiful sunshine.

In the most casual form of an eat-in kitchen, diners sit on stools at a counter. This is common in small kitchens, although larger kitchens may use a counter seating area as well. In these cases, a lounging counter separates a kitchen from a dining area, creating a space for people to socialize with the cook without feeling distanced. In these situations, people can sit at the counter for casual meals, or move to the dining area for more formal ones. By having your guests so close to where the actual cooking is taking place, you do not have to sell them anything or work on your food public relations with your guests - instead they will simply follow their noses to the sweet aromas of your cooking! Having options when it comes to where you and your family or guests will be dining is a great way to keep things interesting and allow you to enjoy all areas of your home that are designed for dining.

Eat-in kitchens are useful for all sorts of things other than eating too. They are a place for your children to sit and work on their homework, a place to sit and do the family bookkeeping while you enjoy your morning coffee, or a place to sit with co-workers to hash out the details of that project you have been working on. No matter what you plan on using your eat-in kitchen or bar for, it will surely bring a great deal of satisfaction to you and your family for many years to come. is a sponsoring partner of

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