Personalizing Your K&B

The kitchen and bathroom of any home are sure to see a high amount of traffic over the years. A whole lot of living happens in these rooms of your home, and many great family memories are created around the kitchen table, or cooking a meal together. The bathroom sees the same amount of action, yet is more of a practical room that can also be a site of serenity where you can relax in a piping hot bath and let your worries drift away. Clearly it is important to make these busy rooms your own and personalize them with your own unique sense of style. Whether you are living in an old townhouse or in a brand new home, personalizing these two rooms of your home can be done by any home owner.

How To Select The Right Paint and Colour for Your Home.

The decoration and personalization of any room begins with the walls and which paint colours you choose. Hardware stores usually have talented employees in the paint department that can help you decide which colours to put together, and which ones are going to best suit your personality and taste. These experts also know many tricks and techniques for different painting styles, such as creating a faux suede look, or stencilling inspirational phrases with wall lettering. These people can be a great resource if you are feeling a bit lost in a sea of colour, and they can give you all of the tools and knowledge you will need to make painting an easy and fun project.

Once you have the colour on the walls, you will be amazed at how instantly the place becomes your own. There are many different decorating philosophies out there are far as which colours best suit each room. For instance, some experts think you should paint the kitchen bright orange or red, since these colours tend to stimulate your appetite. Others feel that the kitchen should be a soothing place with a more neutral light green or yellow that will not be overpowering or annoying, since you will be spending a great deal of time in the kitchen!

Realtors are another great source for ideas and information on decorating. After all, they see tons of houses every day, and therefore have probably seen many great and not so great ideas. Contacting the real estate agent you worked with to find your house may be a good way to get some assistance with personalizing your kitchen and bathrooms. It is really a matter of personal taste, however, and the great thing about wall colour is that if you are unhappy with it, you can always go get another gallon of paint and try a totally different color.

Our friends from Shower Door of Canada (glass stair railing and plexiglas shields) tell us the bathroom, which is traditionally a smaller room, should be kept light and airy in terms of colour choices. Choosing a dark purple or grey for the walls in the bathroom may give it a claustrophobic feeling that you will want to avoid. Also, since the bathroom is where a great deal of grooming and beautifying goes on, having an abundance of light is beneficial. Perhaps you could install a sky light or put in a large window to get natural sunlight into your bathroom. There are tons of ways to make your bathroom your own through colour and decor, and by filling it with furnishings that are aesthetically pleasing as well as functional, you can have room to store all of your beauty products, toiletries and other gear out of sight while still keeping the decor in line with your unique and individual sense of style.

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