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Many of your choices when it comes to kitchen remodelling will be determined by the functionality of the room. The kitchen is the busiest room in the house and there are several tried and true layout patterns that have developed over time that just work better than anything else.

In other words, if you are smart you will pass by the temptation to try anything radically different with the kitchen in your house plans. However, kitchens do also offer great opportunities for individual expression and the ability to add a bit of extra "oomph" to the way your house is perceived. As you most likely picked a Scarborough home for sale or Toronto resale homes to suit your tastes, your kitchen can be a reflection of you and your personal style. Once you have selected your basic layout, whether you're cooking for two or running a small Toronto catering company it's time to put your own personal touches in. Here are some areas to consider.

Cabinets: Custom kitchens in Toronto and elsewhere are seeing that cabinets should probably be your starting point when it comes to the finishing touches you want to put on your kitchen. Odds are that there is more surface area tied up in your cabinets than in anything else in your kitchen, so they are going to make the biggest impression on whoever sees that kitchen. There are two basic styles, European and face-framed cabinets. Apart from that, your choices are virtually endless. Glass or wooden doors, wood finish, and handles all come in countless varieties. While a King West loft might see a more open style with glass or no doors, one of the quaint homes in Hudson Valley could go for a more classic style with antique handles.

Sinks and Appliances: A great trend over the past decade or so has been to match the sink with the appliances in the kitchen. The most popular option is stainless steel for its sleek look and easy to clean surface, but white ceramic is also quite popular. The faucet and handles on the sink are where you get to engage in style choice. Just make sure you get a sink vanity where you can easily access the pipes. You don't want extra hassle if you have to do valve repair in the future.

Countertops: You want your countertops to blend well with your cabinets, and most of the time your finishing touches will be determined by your budget. There are lots of stylish yet inexpensive options that won't look like you got your counter from the local discount depot. The most durable countertops, such as granite and solid surface are pretty expensive, but they are beautiful. Ceramic tile and laminate tops are less pricey and can be just as attractive, but they will not last as long. If you're looking to add your home to GTA real estate listings in the next ten years, this may be a consideration.

Flooring: Again, there are an infinite number of choices when it comes to the flooring options in your kitchen. And again, prices will probably be the determining factor in your decision. Ceramic tile looks and feels great, but you probably can't install it yourself and the square footage is pricey. Sheet vinyl comes in a number of different styles and can be put in by most moderately competent people, and it's more forgiving if you drop something as well. Wood is also an option and goes with every style of home from Toronto condos to Milton, Ontario real estate.

You want your kitchen to make a personal statement about your home, but you also most likely have to work within a certain price range. Fortunately, the choices of materials for finishing up your kitchen are vast, so you don't have to spring for the high ticket finishes in order to get the look you want.

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