Pedestal Sinks

Like with any other room in your home, it is usually the large fixtures and pieces of furniture that define the design of a space. If you want the living room in your home to look like a country cottage then you might choose a patterned couch or rustic wood coffee table. When it comes to your bathroom, the space is going to be defined by the choices that you make in terms of the bathtub or shower and the sink. One of the options that is out there for sinks is a pedestal design.

If you have recently been looking in design magazines or for a house for sale, you might have noticed that the pedestal sink is becoming more popular these days. They have been around for more than one hundred years but it seems that they fit in well with modern designs and give off the look of a royal palace in some exotic location or a Greek style depending what you accompany it with in your bathroom space. They are defined by their single leg and are great for smaller bathrooms where you need a fixture that doesn't take up a lot of space.

There are three different elements to a sink and these can vary greatly depending on the materials that are used and the shape that they are in. When you're looking for a pedestal sink, you should start by thinking about what material you want for the base. It could be medal or ceramic, among other things. Next, you are going to want to consider what you want for the basin. In some designs these are made into one piece and with others they are separate. You could have, for example, a metal base and a glass basin. There are many industrial lofts and modern homes that mix materials in this way.

The last piece that you will be adding onto your sink is the faucet. You could choose something that is simple and functional or something that looks like it is inspired by Victorian accessories from one hundred years ago. There are so many different models out there when it comes to complete pedestal sinks and ways that you can design your own. Choose whatever is best for your bathroom area.

While pedestal sinks are great for smaller spaces, you should remember that they don't come with any storage space. There are no drawers like you would get with a more standard sink design and this can cause an issue if you don't have other places to store the necessities in your bathroom. We have found a video to demonstrate for you How to install a pedestal sink. It is sponsored in part by David Himmelfarb. When you need to find a lawyer in Toronto, David is the guy to call for help!

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