Jack and Jill Baths

If your only knowledge of Jack and Jill is from the children's story you were read to as a child in your childhood home you're not alone. Whenever the mention of Jack and Jill comes into most conversations many people automatically think the person talking is harking back to the days of old of how Jack and Jill went up a hill to do something you've probably forgotten by now.

Did you know though that Jack and Jill is also a common term used when describing a certain style of bathroom? If you didn't you do know and will soon know exactly what Jack and Jill bathrooms are. For those of you unfamiliar with Jack and Jill baths they're a type of bathroom that has two doors, which are both accessible from two adjoining bedrooms. While Jack and Jill baths might not be common in many homes you're familiar with they are common enough in other parts of the world that they even have different meanings.

For instance, in the world of Los Angeles real estate a Jack and Jill bathroom is any type of bathroom that connects to multiple bedrooms. Bedroom suites that may be featured in condo suites that share a bathroom is also known as a Jack and Jill bathroom. Just because two bedrooms use the same bathroom that doesn't mean privacy is just throw out the window.

Jack and Jill bathrooms are built so that every door has locks on both sides so that one person can't accidentally walk in on the other while using a Jack and Jill bathroom. Once the bathroom is being occupied by one of the bedroom users it should be locked so that entry from the other bedroom door can be prevented. Then upon exiting the bathroom will become unlocked and the bedroom door that is being entered will be locked. It's a simple process that will ensure every party in the condo has access to the Jack and Jill bathroom will have their privacy.

Features of Jack and Jill bathrooms may or may not include: light switches beside each door, separate washbasins, bathroom dividers, and showers instead of tubs. If you ever find yourself buying property for sale and come across a listing that features a Jack and Jill bathroom you know now what that means and can decide whether or not it's for you or if you should move on to the next listing.

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Monday, June 21, 2021