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Most of us don't stop and think about just how much room we need in a bathroom, as far as storage and workspace. Or, at least, it is not the first thing that comes to mind. However, if you are thinking about remodelling or adding a bathroom in your house, storage space should be one of the first things you consider. It also may be a consideration if you're flipping a house to add some income to your bank account. Think about it; there needs to be room to hang several different sets of towels, store supplies, and keep most of the things we use in the bathroom hidden away just for appearances' sake (your toothpaste may be on the counter, but it's not likely that your deodorant is, not to mention makeup, denture cream and cleaning supplies). Everyone looking for a home for sale will appreciate extra space in the bathroom and kitchen.

When it comes to your bathroom and storage space, the cabinets and counter space can be two of the most important areas to consider. You will want to make the most out of the space you have, make the whole package look good, and most importantly build to last. With bathroom vanities there are hundreds of designs and styles to choose from. Here are a few different thoughts on counters and cabinets in your bathroom.

    How many mirrors do you need? Huge mirrors in bathrooms seem to be gradually fading out. Glass requires a lot of care and maintenance, and really there is not much point in being able to see yourself from eight different angles unless you are going to an audition for America's Next Top Model. This means that the wall mounted cabinet is also being phased out, not bad since they are quite difficult to store anyway. Cabinet storage below the level of the sink, perhaps in a modern bathroom vanity, means that you increase your counter space, great for morning bathroom routines. When looking at new condos, for example, you will probably find clear lines with lots of space in the bathroom.

    Countertop material makes all the difference. Martha Stewart types might take offence, but sometimes the best looking options as far as counter tops are not the most feasible. Marble and granite, for example, is hardy and look great but these are among the most expensive counter top materials there are, and might be reserved for large homes or condos rather than your average piece of real estate. Slate is also appealing but easily damaged, and needs to be well coated for the sake of durability. Sticking with solid surfacing remains the best material when cost, durability, and appearance are all factored in.

    Use lots of drawers. Cupboards take up the most space in traditional bathroom storage, but take a quick look and you will see a lot of vertical space left unused. Putting lots of drawers in your bathroom cabinets will allow you to make use of all the space you have, which can be helpful if you live in a smaller home; most of the things we store in our bathrooms can be folded or taken out of boxes to fit into drawers anyway. You might need one or two cupboards, but that is probably about it.

    Measure the space behind your door carefully! You want to make sure that your door can still open, without bumping into an open cabinet drawer or door.

    What about the medicine cabinet? The loss of wall storage space does mean that you have to carefully consider the question of the medicine cabinet. Wall-hung cabinets are useful for those with small children; it keeps the dangerous things out of reach. You might want to get a single unit mirror/cabinet setup, or install a separate medicine cabinet where you have some extra wall space. But, if you're a bachelor living in a condo, the cabinet might be better left out entirely.

Remember that bathrooms are eighty percent function and twenty percent appearance, and design your countertops and cabinets accordingly. Once you have finished reading that, it may be time for you to learn how a pediatric dentist office may be better suited for your child with anxiety or special needs, than a regular dental clinic.

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