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While downtown Toronto real estate is an easy sell because of the location, how can your older suburban home in Milton compete with all the brand-new custom developments out there? There's no question about it. Renovations are the single biggest factor that can make a resale home competitive in a market that is practically flooded with brand new show homes. Choosing to renovate can make the difference between settling for a lesser price and having buyers lining up to make offers. Our home renovation guide should help you through the process.

Why renovate?

Most buyers want to have the newest and best home they can afford with all the trendiest design elements they've seen on TV. Planned Whitby real estate developments offer them this right off the top but with the caveat that they will own one of many identical homes. Whereas they may bypass your existing home because it looks too dated, recent renovations will put your home onto their radar. By incorporating some new and trendy design features into your older home, you'll be giving them the best of both worlds: the features they want in a unique home that their friends and neighbors can be jealous of.

When to renovate?

Your renovations should ideally be completed over the course of your residence in the home. Doing them one at a time will allow you to manage the financial burden better and to enjoy the results of the renovations. However, most people don't consider renovations until they've already made plans to move into Brampton condos. In this case, the renovations should be done as soon as possible and definitely before you have your home's value assessed. You want your house looking its best when it's listed, so get the renovations done before that happens.

What should I renovate?

Reality television programs focusing on interior design and home flipping should give you the best idea of the nationwide trends in home design. You can also give your Etobicoke real estate agent a call to see what, in their experience, home buyers are most looking for in a property at present. While tile color, sink style, and flooring trends change from year to year, projects like adding backyard decks, swimming pools, garages, extra bedrooms, and family rooms remain consistently popular. You should take a careful inventory of the features you already have in your home and design your renovations to compliment rather than overshadow the best existing parts of the house.

Who should do the renovations?

This is a tricky question. Many people choose to do the renovations themselves to save money, but this should only be attempted if you have both the time and experience necessary to complete the project. Hiring a contractor to do the renovations is the preferred option if you have the money to do so, but make sure the one you choose is reputable. Popular methods for hiring contractors are to ask around your Brantford real estate office for recommendations from other people who have had work done on their homes and getting estimates from a variety of companies before choosing the most economical.

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