Kitchen & Bath Accessories

For the most part, the main concern for both the kitchen and the bathroom in a home is its functionality. However, because these areas are in such high use, the appearances of the rooms are also worth considering. When looking at In this article, we are going to take a look at some accessories, from additional storage in the kitchen to all those bells and whistles you can get on your modern bathroom vanity, and how they fit in terms of both form and function.

In the bathroom

    Plunger. Every bathroom needs a plunger, and it is usually best placed in a visible area (when you need it is usually an emergency). The more suction the better; a big seal and separate cup can really help unplug messes. The bad thing about plungers is that they are pretty gross; buying a unit that includes a storage case can reduce the yuck factor.

    Toilet brush. In the same category of gross as the plunger, but you only need this when it is time to clean. Again, store it in its own casing to avoid the spread of bacteria.

    Shower storage. We all have a lot of stuff that is kept handy in the shower; hair products, razors, washcloths, and so on. Shower hangers are useful but tend to fall off easily. The best options are shelving units that can be attached to the wall or come built into the unit. You may see these already installed in new condos.

    Cupboard handles. The bathroom is a fairly humid environment, so it is best to select handles that are smooth, not ornate. Water will just run off; in handles with lots of nooks and crannies water can collect and start to rust the fixtures. This is also a decorative decision. The fixtures that work with a country real estate listing will be quite different from that of a luxury home for sale elsewhere.

    Door handles. Of course you need a door handle for your bathroom, and of course it needs to lock, but did you consider what happens when it gets locked from the inside and needs to be opened from the outside? This happens all the time, so get a handle for your bathroom door that includes a lock that can be opened from the outside (with a key of course). Also, find a handle that fits you're style. Your property can be made your own with little touches like this.

In the kitchen

    Cookie jar. You want your baking easily accessible or it will go to waste, but you don't want it taking up a lot of counter space. A nice cookie jar is a decorative touch and is extra storage as well.

    Pot racks. These add a touch of the rustic when hung above an island; just make sure they don't interfere with the lighting and that they are well attached to joists at either end.

    Oven hood. The first time something gets burned in your oven, you will be thankful for the inclusion of a hood. There is almost always wiring included above the space for the oven for the hood, and they are pretty easy to hook up, so if you're moving into new real estate this is an easy upgrade.

    Cutlery holder. You should choose a cutlery storage option that can be removed, because it will need to be washed out from time to time.

Of course, the list of accessories for kitchens and bathrooms can go on and on, and it depends on what you define as an accessory (you could include fixtures or appliances in this category as well). Just look at some of the new Vaughan condos to see the various choices extras. However, the lists above include some of the most commonly used items in your kitchen and bathroom; hopefully the added thoughts will allow you some added convenience when you put your room together.

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