The Bathroom Centrepiece

Every room has its centrepiece. Sometimes, that centrepiece is a matter of choice; in a kitchen, for example, the centrepiece may be the island, or it may be a dining table or a piece of equipment. In the bathroom, on the other hand, the centrepiece of the room is invariably the vanity.

If you consider that the centrepiece of a room is the part that immediately attracts the eye, it is easy to see why the bathroom vanity is considered the most important part; people can't help but see your vanity; it is centrally placed and most of the time contains at least one mirror, and who can resist looking at themselves when they enter a room?

Of course, bathroom vanities are more than just props to catch the eye. Like everything else in the bathroom, vanities serve functional and aesthetic purposes. Vanity cabinets are the first choice, as far as storage goes, in any bathroom; usually, all of the toiletries you need on a daily basis will be contained in your vanity. This means that you need to select a vanity that not only matches the theme of your bathroom, but also one that allows for a lot of storage space in the built in cabinets. If you're looking at listings now, storage space is probably one of the factors you are considering. So, if you're considering changes to make because you're selling, you should look into a vanity with lots of extra space.

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Of course, because of the central nature of the vanity, you are going to want to make sure that your vanity nicely complements the style of your bathroom and of the rest of your house. If you are going for a modern look, there are plenty bathroom vanities to choose from. Sharp lines and non-uniform design pieces define this style; that is, they do not look as though they are all one fit-together piece. Often modern vanities will include separate cabinets and mirror structures, and even the sink and podium tend to set each other off at angles.

A bathroom vanity is the centrepiece of your bathroom, whether it's in a one bedroom condominium or a huge country estate, and it's important to select one that flows with your theme. Contemporary vanities include all the pieces necessary for function, and really pop out, as far as style.

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